This Christmas, LLumar is collaborating with ProCare to launch it’s POWER BUNDLE that includes a child seat if you purchase Prime 8 at RM3,888 between December 2019 – January 2020.

All you have to do is fill up the form http://bit.ly/LLumarPrime8 and get instant e-voucher rebate RM100. Install it at your preferred location and get a complimentary infant seat (RRP 1599) or child seat (RRP 1399).

(SWS: Side Wind Screen refers to the front/back passenger side window, L1R1: Front passenger side windows left and right, L2R2: Back passenger side windows left and right) 

LLumar Prime 8 is mainly a safety & security window film that offers up to 8 mil thickness. It rejects heat, UV ray, and glare very effectively due to its unique properties.

The price RM3,888 (RRP 4,700) applies to any car model, size and category.

Prime 8 package comes with 8 major benefits:

  1. PROTECT your skin from UV rays
  2. PROTECT your belongings
  3. PROTECT your loved ones
  4. PROTECT your privacy
  5. PROTECT your eye from glare
  6. PROTECT your car windscreen and glasses
  7. PROTECT yourself from heat
  8. PRO-LONG your car air-condition life-span

There are two extra unique benefits in this package:

  • A) Glass breakage replacement (one time only regardless which screen of the vehicle). T&.C applies.
    • Replacement is meant for the film and only meant for vehicle registered in our database. 
  • B) Ownership transferable during the 10 years warranty period (only one-time allow). T&C applies.
    • One time only and customer would need to provide new name for us to continue the warranty from the beginning. The warranty period will be the remaining balance of the Prime 8 package. For example, if the original first owner used up 2 years warranty, the remaining 8 years will be transferred under the new owner’s name and will be requested to contact us to fill up the warranty transfer request form.
    • The prime 8 benefit is dedicated to Prime 8 package owner. If the customer vehicle film vary from the original film indicate . The prime 8 warranty will void and it will back to normal film warranty

The child seat that comes with Prime 8 is a Limited Edition Leatherette Child Seat dedicated for Group 0+1 and Group 1+2+3. If you’re buying Prime 8, you can choose between Group 0+ 1 or Group 1+2+3 of your choice.

ProCare child seat isn’t just a luxury child seat, it’s crafted by the best to provide the right fit and a safe ride. As the Malaysia government stress mandatory usage of child seat in vehicles beginning 2020, ProCare & LLumar decided to launch this power bundle together for drivers who wants a more enjoyable ride on the road, and for the safety of the members in the car.

So don’t miss this chance! Sign up here http://bit.ly/LLumarPrime8 and we’ll be in touch with you!